Myths 1


There are more myths about washing your hair than you can shake a stick at. I hear them all the time with clients who have picked up pieces of information but have no grounding for the belief.

For this post I want to go through a couple and debunk them.

Let’s start with a nice easy one.

“washing your hair makes it fall out”

No, it just doesn’t. Its true you will notice your hair fall out when washing your hair in the shower or bath, but that would have fallen out regardless in the wet and especially brushing though conditioner, the hair that had fallen out becomes more noticeable.

Naturally your hair goes through 3 stages (called anagen, catagen and Telogen). I will go more into detail about hair and growth in another post. But for now i’ll explain it as the growth phase, the static phase and the end phase. The end or resting phase (telogen) is where the hair falls out. It is a totally normal and natural part of the hair cycle called shedding. Up to and around 100 hairs a day fall out, This happens through out the day but many hairs get tangled or stuck, and so most can be seen when washing. So in the future when you can see hair in your plug hole don’t worry it’s totally normal

Myth 2

“It is necessary  to switch shampoos often to get the best effect”.

This myth stems from a couple of roots. Firstly it’s if you use a Shampoo with silicone in. I wrote another article on shampoo and silicone find the link below

 Shampoo (The first post)

If a shampoo has too much silicone in it then you will need to change it, to get rid of the silicone build up.

The second root of this myth is that you personally get used to the shampoo, not your hair, you. You fail to see the difference because that has become your new norm. For example if you use a shampoo to create body and volume and you use it for a few months then the initial effect of the shampoo wouldn’t be as noticeable as the first time. However if you were to revert back then you would see the difference it had made.

Myth 3

“Shampoo is shampoo and it doesn’t matter which you use”

This is also false, completely. There is such a wide verity of shampoos and their ingredients  that this is clearly untrue. The technologies in shampoo have advanced rapidly, even in the time that I have been hairdressing. Leading to very specific shampoos for every need, this can be confusing as to which to buy, but it is not (often) the case that it’s the same stuff in each bottle with a difference fragrance and a different label slapped on.

Myth 4

“you should not wash your hair everyday”

Ok this has some truth in it. With a shampoo that is too harsh then it will strip the oils from the hair leaving both the hair and scalp dry. This leads to more production of sebum as your body thinks it needs more oil to protect the skin and here starts the cycle. If you are going from washing your hair everyday to even every other day you will see a difference, your hair will become greasy on the non-wash day. This wont last forever and if you take the plunge you will just have to stick with it. Eventually your hair and scalp will settle down and get used to the every other day shampooing and not produce as much grease. If like me, you are active and hate the feel of not washing your hair each day, that is also fine. You just have to make sure that the product you use is not as aggressive and wont overly strip the hair of oils.

Myth 5

“clean hair grows faster”

Now this is quite probably true to a point. Obviously, greasy hair does still grow and Having clean hair wont actually effect the hairs ability to grow. However what it will do, by removing an excess of sebum from the scalp, (and not to mention the accumulated dirt). It will create a healthier environment for the hair to grow. Decreasing the risk of sebaceous inflammation and cysts which can lead to hair loss and reduced growth. However if you over-wash your hair, making it dry irritated or itchy it will do the complete opposite and create a bad environment for hair to grow.

With this one, I would listen to your body. Shampooing hair can be so personal and so many variables can effect it that there is not a “one rule” approach.

5 myths and beliefs to be getting on with and I hope they help.I’ll be doing some more in the future but as with any advice your are told, if in doubt look it up. there is a lot of nonsense out there.

Thanks for reading guys I hope you like the article and there will be more to come


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