3 Random Things I Did Last Week

Three Random things I did this week

This week I have mainly been doing…

Bridal Shoot with Victoria Ralph Hair.

Taking a step back from hair and getting the Camera into these hands. I worked with a close friend and also very talented bridal Hairdresser, Victoria Ralph.

The Brief of the day was to do an Editorial/cool bride/wedding shoot for her website and promotional material. We met up and discussed the aims of the shoot, went through our direction and mood-boards. Victoria has great taste and wanted to show her and her brand’s aesthetic through the use of two models. Effortless hair soft makeup and original 20’s/30’s dresses.

Sunday rolled though, the bags were packed, breakfast was a big one (not for any fear of not eating later, I just love breakfast.) and I was ready to go. The shoot took place in an old school that had been converted into a makeshift living area.

I set up, using one Jacobs flash placed behind the Model and a gold umbrella to cast a golden light. The light was a great mix. we managed to find enough even though the room was large and dark and due to living in London, in December, The light from the sun was poor and fled quickly.

We had two models, Pia and M.J; both I had worked with before and were perfect, needing little direction. for this reason we managed to blast thought the shoot. Time did get away from us (as ever) but we worked through the shortlist and both I and Victoria were happy with the results.

Some of the images with be up on the site asap. so stay tuned for those.

Signed up for Barcelona Marathon.

download (1)

I’ve had my eye on a marathon for the past few months and as I turn 30 in march I thought I would book one just before my birthday. I looked at european cities and found that  the Barcelona  Marathon is on the 11th of march. Barcelona being one of my favourite cities – I have found the people great the art scene cool and the architecture amazing – the choice was clear. As I write this I am just over three month out from the run. Training is well underway as I train for triathlons. However this is a whole different beast, running this in a time I am happy with will take focus and handwork. But I cant wait for the journey and its going to be fun.

Started the new Windle and Moodie Education Program.

As one of the two educators at Windle and Moodie I am thrilled to be creating a new educational program for our assistants.

We have decided to give the system a new direction and new structure for 2018. It’s been in the making for a few months now but this week I have finally put pen to paper and started creating the first draft.

The new direction will be a long term educational course with focus on developing technique and the eye of our assistants. I personally can’t wait to see it and the deadline of jan the 8th is fast approaching so December is going to be full on.


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