3 Random things I did this weekend.

3 random things I did this weekend.

It’s fair to say that my blog post have been sporadic of late. I can only apologise as life has most definitely gotten in the way. I wish to be a lot more regular with my posts some concise and some of the more interesting features where I try to go a little bit more in depth.

Thanks for your continued readership and your support.

As a part of my regular posts i shall keep you updated with three random things I did in the week. Most of the time it will be related to hair, fashion or my work however I shall add a personal touch about training or life in general.

So without further a do.


First thing this weekend, which isn’t so much random but hopefully interesting was the first filming day of my new youtube Channel. I am so excited to be starting this project although to be honest a little nervous. As with any display of ones work there is always the voice in the back of your head doubting every move you make. I truly envy people who have the confidence to have conquered those voices, especially those who have done it earlier in life.

However over the years I have picked up a lot of knowledge and want to share as much as I can. When I started teaching the Windle and Moodie team I read a great quote about teaching that basically went, If you teach people all of your secrets and techniques your forced to work harder and become better to keep ahead of the curve. I found this greatly inspiring, teaching for some may be an ego thing. but a believe that most people do it altruistically and with the added bonus of re-igniting ones own passion.

As soon as the Youtube channel is up and running i’ll be adding a post with a link to it. I shall also create a subsection of the website for photos, videos, blog and contact.


Shooting bridal hair.

This was a short one but a fun one. very relaxed we had one model a couple of looks and just the hairdresser and myself shooting. I do love shooting, earlier in my career I was into hair in font of the lens and it was/is great fun and very rewarding to do hair for shoots. But I do love doing a bit of photography now and then.

Photos will be posted on here in due course


Last but not least is writing a styling course out. A few post earlier in December time I wrote about me redeveloping the Education program at Windle and Moodie. Well I am glad to say that that is in following and running well. As a subsection of this I am writing a styling course. Divided into two parts I will take a few of the techniques that I would call fundamentals, work on them step by step; and then for the second session build on them to create a few different looks. What I am hoping to achieve is a basis that the student can build on. so rather than teaching them set looks in a “monkey see, monkey do” teaching method. I intend to give the students the techniques required for them to take where they want. This goes hand in hand with what I was saying previously about giving a student as much as you can. This means that a student I teach could take the technique and run with it, creating something beautiful.

I think this will take a bit of time to do it properly and I’ll keep you updated, eventually I would like to put a couple of snippets of the sessions on the youtube channel as well, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, as always.


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