Three Random things I did last week

3 random things I did this week

Shoot with andy

Andy is one of my closest friends from home and on Sunday this week we worked together with a great make up artist called Jemma Parker. I am only going to mention this here because I am going to do a full post on this.

Trip with students. The picture is of us all together (taken on a broken phone sorry its blurry.)

Tuesday was the weekly training session for the assistants at Windle and Moodie. normally we focus on our cutting having 3 models throughout the day. This Tuesday though I wanted to do something a little different, I wanted the students to expand their eye. To learn a little bit about history and an image. Hair is a great thing to focus on but one cannot forget that it is attached to a person, and so becomes apart of their whole image.

To kill two birds with one stone I took them to the national portrait gallery here in London, the National portrait gallery is one of my favourites. it’s a great mix of history; art; fashion and skill, we tried to see as much as we could and started off in the tudor part, now many people will be thinking this may not be very applicable to a hairdresser in this day and age. I personally think this is the wrong way of looking at it, firstly I believe that history is one of the most important subjects to learn and study. everything that has come before us in how we got to where we are now, second  reason to why I believe it is applicable to the modern hairstylist,  is its amazing to see these paintings and sculptures the skills and dexterity used to create them. I think hairdressing is getting faster and faster and don’t believe that is necessary a good thing, people want to spend less time learning and more time showing off how great they are. I believe to show students works of art that have lasted over 600 years and took possibly years to create in painstaking detail, will remind them that to create beauty and craftsmanship takes time. After getting lost in art for a good few hours we found ourselves walking through the ages. through the house of stewart, Jacobean revolt; house of hanover. Time seemed to fly by and our eyes burnt that sharp gallery style pain from the constant reading, focusing and concentrating. we decided to miss a few sections and walk down to the more contemporary area, this is more applicable as a hairdresser and also adds the added joy of the recognition of the subjects. it is interesting to see how the artist captured these people, what did they focus on? would you have focused on this? and did they portray the subject i the same way you would have. This is a good game to play with every portrait of a subject you recognise. especially if it is a portrait of a person you have read a lot about perhaps seen some interviews or you know personally. see if they (the artist) picked up on the nuances you would have. At the end of the day a portrait should not just be a picture of how a person appearers, but a documentation of the sitters story, history, moods and beliefs.


I do love gardening and i’m so lucky to have a small patch. you may think that this is not the weather to be gardening. those days should be reserved for late summer evenings however I need to lay the foundations so to speak. Living in north London as I do I am slap bang in clay soil territory, this isn’t totally a bad thing but it does mean it needs some working.

The plan? well my direction isn’t completely clear, I am stuck between two one path I have been thinking of is the Vegetable garden, the pros and cons of this are clear. It is amazing to be able to eat your own produce and while I don’t have anywhere near enough space to sustain me it would be nice to have some ingredients for fresh soups or salads. The cons however I discovered last year. vegetable gardens are much more hands on and with my life being so busy it is a bit of a struggle. Last year I grew strawberries; butternut squash and cabbage. the latter two both did not make it to first harvest. The slugs came and had their fill as soon as the shoots became bigger. this was pure naivety on my part. it was my first solo mission gardening and I didn’t put the ground work of reading-up and researching possible problems I may face.

the other option is to have a tropical style garden. now this idea was given to me by one of my clients who is a landscaper. she told me that it would be an easy and achievable especially to begin with. she told me to plant in threes and get some eye-catching plants as a focal point. saying that I could achieve a great look by starting minimal and building on it as I get more knowledgeable. Creating a tropical style garden in London does sound at first like true madness and a project destined to fail. However it seems not so daft as it sounds. On first reading a lot of plants can survive the summer heat and spring autumn rain. a few may have to be brought in in the deep winter months. more reading will be required to makes sure I don’t fail again like last year.

Either path I choose I need to get the ground better to work and plant. this will be by mixing compost good solid and a bit of sand through. getting rid of the sod and weeds in the process. then when I have the ground and soil in better condition then I can have a better idea of where to go with it.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks instalment. please feel free to contact me about anything in this post or my work in general.

Thanks for reading


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