New education program coming soon!

Many of you may have seen my YouTube post introducing the idea of education programs. I just wanted to write and explain a little further on what I am working on creating.

The first program is going to be a bit of a pilot but it will be full of as much information as possible. The first will be Blow-drying level one, this course is a course I teach at Windle and Moodie the idea is to get every assistant to a shop floor level of blowdrying and styling.

This course will be broken down into four parts, rough dry, flat brush straight; round brush straight and round brush curly. each section will be broken down further into subsections like how to hold the brush and dryer, where the nozzle should be pointing; the different effects achieved by the brush techniques. etc… the course will be delivered by videos, lecture notes and head-sheets.

The course will be free of charge. and everything will be available on this site.

I’m mega excited about this project and hopefully it will lead to many more.

Thanks for reading and look out for the course coming soon 


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