Swim Proofing your hair

Swim Proofing your hair

Todays post we’re going to give you a step by step hair care routine for when it comes to swimming. this will take very little extra time when getting ready and the benefits will be huge.

Summer is coming, at least for the ones of us in the northern hemisphere. Spring and summer, for the lucky ones usually means a holiday and even if you have no plans for a holiday this year you may be getting into the pool more for health benefits or just for fun.

First step starts before you have even stepped into the swimming pool; plane or the villa. That is buy yourself a silicone cap. These little things are great because they are waterproof, cheap and small so easy to carry around in your kit. Some people aren’t a fan of how they look in these, personally, I’ve never heard anyone judge anyone else in a cap, only people themselves who feel insecure about how they look. So I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

Once you have your cap next thing to buy is some serum. now this maybe a controversial statement but buy cheap stuff. if you swim each morning or even once a week you’ll be using a good few pumps of this on your hair every time and so buying the expensive stuff will be a bit of a waste. Some pools don’t like the use of serums on the hair because it can ruin the pool chemistry. so check with your pool first.

Next thing you will need is some shampoo and conditioner. which ever you use, you can get chlorine removing ones but they are really strong so don’t expect your colour to last too long if you do.

Now your step by step.

when your in the changing rooms cover hair in serum and work through the hair making sure the hair is all coated. you don’t have to go mad and get it dripping, just so its covered completely and you can even comb it though at this point to make sure its evenly distributed

If your pool doesn’t let you use serum then what you will do is wet your hair thoroughly. This will fill the hair with moisture making the cuticle swell so the hair will be full of fresh water not pool water, this isn’t a perfect method as the water will obviously circulate, but it’s better that going into the pool or sea with dry hair.

wrap the hair up and pop on a swimming cap making sure all the hair is in it. as a side note I was in the speedo shop the other day and saw a none silicone neoprene swimming cap for sale these  won’t stop water coming in. I think it may be warmer though. so unless you’re doing open water swimming in cold water I would avoid these as they offer little protection for the hair.

Get in the pool or sea and enjoy your swim

Next is the removal, now you have loads of serum in your hair the best way of removing it is to shampoo it straight away before getting it under the shower. This will break down the product much better than it would if it had been rinsed before. After one “dry” shampoo rinse thoroughly and do a second shampoo as normal. This should get rid of all the serum. Next is as standard, get rid off the excess moisture and the condition. Personally, when I condition i like to leave it in a couple of minuets before I rinse but that depends on how much time you have.  Then rinse and style as you like

If you keep this up you will definitely  notice a difference in the health, colour and feel of the hair. it will also stop the shiny brittle build up thats so often seen in swimmers hair.

 As always thank you so much for reading 


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